Aiming to better understand the nature of the neutrino and the origins of matter in the universe

Neutrinos—tiny, nearly massless particles with no charge—are difficult to detect and measure, but they may hold the answers to unanswered cosmic questions. To understand more about the neutrino, our scientists and engineers are searching for an extremely rare (and still hypothesized) version of double beta decay with the nEXO experiment.

Our collaboration combines expertise from all over the world to develop detector technology that will allow nEXO to achieve unprecedented sensitivity to neutrinoless double beta decays.

The nEXO experiment is under development. We invite you to explore this site to learn more about our latest work.

In the news

Skyline College joins nEXO

May 27, 2021- 
In January 2021, Skyline College, one of the three community colleges that form the San Mateo County Community College District, became the newest institution to join nEXO. This marks the first time ever that a community college has joined the collaboration. Skyline is represented in nEXO by physics instructors Kolo Wamba and Émilie Hein. Kolo obtained a PhD in applied physics at Stanford...

University of the Western Cape joins nEXO

May 27, 2021- 
The University of the Western Cape (UWC) joined the nEXO collaboration in August 2020. Located in Cape Town, UWC has a vibrant student body and a proud historical legacy in the South African anti-apartheid freedom movement. The university played a critical role in the country’s transition to democracy, with a number of UWC academics taking up key leadership positions in the first...

nEXO collaborators take lead roles in Snowmass

Aug. 17, 2020- 
The Snowmass High Energy Physics Community Planning process is underway, and three nEXO collaborators are taking leading roles in the process. John Orrell is co-convening the Underground Facilities Frontier, Andrea Pocar is co-convening the Rare Processes and Precision Measurements topical group RF04 for Baryon and Lepton Number Violating Processes, and Lisa Kaufman is co-convening the...