May 27, 2021

University of the Western Cape joins nEXO

nEXO collaboration

The University of the Western Cape (UWC) joined the nEXO collaboration in August 2020. Located in Cape Town, UWC has a vibrant student body and a proud historical legacy in the South African anti-apartheid freedom movement. The university played a critical role in the country’s transition to democracy, with a number of UWC academics taking up key leadership positions in the first democratically elected government of South Africa. Presently, it is one of the top research-oriented universities in Africa and has an active research program in physics and astronomy, with an emphasis on physics education, observational astronomy and cosmology, material science, and nuclear physics.

UWC faculty members involved in nEXO related work are Robbie Lindsay and Smarajit Triambak, who together with four graduate students are collaborating on radon-related low activity measurements and analysis of data obtained with the Stanford University time projection chamber test stand.